Party Time in Papeete

Here is a post from Travis’s Dad. These guys have it figured out!

Nor'easter's (almost) Circumnavigation

On May 1, we were happily ensconced in Papeete’s downtown marina, finalizing projects prior to my wife’s May 2 arrival, and swapping boat stories with our many new friends in adjacent slips, without whom none of our endeavors could have successfully concluded.  Feeling significantly indebted for the help many had given us, Travis and I decided that having a dock party to celebrate my May 4 birthday would be an excellent opportunity to not only show our gratitude to our fellow cruisers, but also to let them meet Jamie.

The night of Jamie arrived from San Francisco, I was waiting in the arrivals lounge and saw her striding through the airport, my first sight of her since she stood waving goodbye from the San Diego Yacht Club dock March 3.  I was wearing my new Hinano Beer sleeveless shirt (AKA “wife beater”), had neither shaved nor cut my hair in…

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