Fish West Of Barra

By: Chris Foster 4/28/19

Offshore Fishing. After a smooth ride on the anchor in Tenacatita everyone arose early for some serious offshore angling; the plan being to head about 30 miles offshore to blue water and look for fish.

The Captain Presses The Glasses For Signs of Fish
Not To Be Outdone, Charlie Scans The Horizon As Well

There are no real “high spots” or sea mounts off of this part of the coast, so getting on top of the fish really depends on bird or dolphin sightings. Alex seems to have an innate ability to sense such activity long before anyone else. This day was to be no exception as he purposely aimed the boat toward a spot somewhere on the horizon that none of the rest of us could see. Soon birds, flying fish and then pods of dolphin appeared. About 15 minutes later we were in the middle of it.

Charlie was nearest when the first rod went off and grabbed it as Alex brought the boat to a stop, clicker still screaming. A few minutes later we gaffed a beautiful Yellowfin tuna of about 30 pounds or so.

Rich w/ A Little One Before Returning It To The Sea

Rich was next up as Alex brought Embajador around to head back into the action and it didn’t take long to hook up again. This time though the fish was a little whipper-snapper and we threw it back to fight another day.

Rich w/ A Nice One!

The next one came about 10 minutes later and Rich was still on deck. We knew this was a nice one from the get go and it did not disappoint when Rich brought it to leader; weighing in at 35 – 40 pounds.

Melynn w/ Her’s (Lisa Where’s Your Picture?)
Charlie Hooks Up w/ Another In The Background

Melynn and Lisa took some turns and each brought some smaller fish to the rail that we released after snapping some photos.

The day was starting to get short, but we were not quite ready to head back to the barn. Charlie brought in a bruiser that he hooked up on live bait shortly thereafter.

When all was said and done, we ended up w/ 5 nice-sized Yellowfin that would barely fit in the coolers and returned another 5 or 6 to the sea.

Some Others Queue Up For The Freezer
(You’re Welcome Ted)

One the way back in Charlie prepared some very fresh sashimi to keep us all at bay until dinner. Wow!

Once back at the dock, Lisa and Elizabeth went to work in the galley preparing for a another big dinner to consist of Shrimp and Arrachera as we had decided to let the rest of the tuna firm up in anticipation of a feast the next night. (Note, we have found that most fish tastes better after a night in the fridge.) Charlie handled the grill.

Elizabeth Whispers Sweet Nothings Into The Admiral’s Ear After Dinner
(I think he liked it)

More tales from Barra to come…

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  1. What a well oiled machine. Great to see you get into the fish and fill the freezer. {thank you}. We are anxious for our trip down tomorrow. Looks like you found some BBQ tools but I have some more and new knives. Also one more surprise toy. Safe travels

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